The Corona epidemic exacerbated heart disease

By | June 20, 2021

SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes Covid-19. SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Initially it was thought that the virus initially only affected the lungs, but now we know that there is hardly a part of the body that is not infected with the virus. New data from the United States show that the virus also affects the heart.
The Boston Red Sox are a major league baseball franchise. Eduardo Rodriguez was the league’s number one pitcher (the one who throws the ball in baseball is called a pitcher) but the 27-year-old baseball player tested positive for corona last July. Later, Corona’s symptoms subsided, but she began to feel very weak. He told reporters he felt a hundred years old. He said: “I have never been so sick in my whole life. I would never want to be so sick again. A few weeks later, his condition became such that he could only throw twenty pitches during practice and was so tired that His team stopped him from playing any more and sent him to rest.
Further investigation into his condition revealed that he had myocarditis and that it was caused by Corona. Myocarditis means inflammation of the heart muscle. Some patients don’t mind, but there are others for whom it can have serious implications. Eduardo Rodriguez is not the first player to suffer. Multiple college football players also contracted the disease, possibly due to code 19, and the entire college football landscape was in crisis. Eduardo Rodriguez has been so weakened by the disease that he may not be able to play baseball this season.
I recently treated a Corona patient who was just over fifty years old. He was completely healthy and had no serious illness, but when he developed a fever and his body began to ache, he locked himself in a room. But instead of recovering, his condition worsened and many gallons of fluid accumulated in his legs. When he was brought to the hospital, he was not breathing properly. It wasn’t because of his lungs, it was because of his heart. We are now examining her condition to determine if she needs a heart transplant.
A new study has been conducted in Germany on how V2 affects the heart. The details are coming out. Researchers studied 100 people with an average age of just 49 and who have recovered from code 19 disease. Most of them have no symptoms or, if any, mild ones.
On average, two months after the diagnosis, the researchers did an MRI scan of their hearts and found some frightening things. Eighty percent of them had permanent heart defects, while 60 percent had myocarditis. The severity of the initial disease does not determine the severity of myocarditis.
Although there are some loopholes in the research conducted in this case, the significance of these discoveries cannot be said at present and it is not yet possible to say whether an opinion should be formed about it or not. But it is clear that young or young patients who have recovered from overcoming Stork Covey 2 may or may not have had their hearts affected by the disease. It could also be that what we are seeing is just the beginning of a heart attack.
Researchers are trying to find out how the virus caused heart disease. Is the heart directly affected by the virus or is it due to the toxic immune response that triggered the virus? The partial success in the treatment of Corona’s patient may be due to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroid dexamethasone to protect the heart from inflammatory damage. Such steroids are commonly used in cases such as myocarditis. But despite treatment, myocarditis caused by the corona virus can cause permanent damage to the heart, with the end result being that the heart stops working. But myocarditis is not the only disease caused by the corona virus and is the leading cause of death from heart disease. When I reviewed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, I found that the number of Americans dying from heart disease since February this year was lower than the number of Americans dying from the same period last year. Twenty-five thousand more. Some of these deaths may have been caused by Corona, but most of the deaths were probably caused by patients paying attention to Corona’s disease but not paying attention to the heart. In the context of a global epidemic, this process can lead to untreated heart disease.
Understand why many patients are afraid to return to the clinic or hospital. It is estimated that people in the United States have reduced their risk of having a heart attack or stroke by seeking medical help or calling 911 to a lesser extent.

For now, the American Heart Association has launched a campaign entitled: Don’t Kill in Doubt!
With the onset of the global epidemic, it was clear that patients with heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure could be more susceptible to the corona virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has instructed that more than 30 million Americans with heart disease need special care to prevent coronavirus. It also said that hospitals and clinics need to work overtime to ensure the safety of patients and to continue telemedicine operations so that patients can be treated without leaving their homes.
Doctors and researchers should not only consider Code 19 to be a disease of the lungs, but also a disease that can affect any part of the body. The only way to prevent deaths from heart disease, whether caused by the corona virus or the result of neglect of heart disease, is to stop this global epidemic.
In the early days of the Corona virus outbreak, there was a shortage of toilet paper in US stores. People flocked to supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and Targets for shopping. The next day, Targets reported that his company had the highest sales in its history during the quarter. Wal-Mart has also reported that its online sales have doubled. Home Depot’s quarterly sales also increased by 23% in the second quarter of this year. Wayfare has already reported. That its annual revenue has increased by 80% year after year.
One of the reasons for the increase in sales of these stores is that shoppers have the opportunity to shop in one place. They can shop on their own and also online. Customers who want to buy at a lower price can also From here, you can only buy groceries, clothes, electronics and other items at the same time. Data Head Endowments of 1010 Data, a research firm, says that in the days of Corona, you don’t like to go shopping. Which is safe and easy to access. The Corona virus has been devastating to retailers of well-known brands such as Neiman Marcus’J.Crew’JC Penny and Men, s Wearhouse, and many have filed for bankruptcy in recent months. After falling monthly sales, they have returned to February sales levels. They relied heavily on support from Amazon, Wal-Mart and Targets. Wal-Mart has the most demand for groceries, sports and home appliances. Since people are still confined to their homes, Target’s electronics sales have skyrocketed. Home Depot is a rush of people who want to make new changes or improvements to their homes after the corona virus, such as hard flooring and Interior air lighting etc.
Andrew Lipsman, a data analyst at eMarketer, says that these big stores are in a much better position now. In fact, they now have a monopoly on the entire online business. For those customers who want to avoid shopping by going to the stores, these large stores already have an e-commerce platform available which allows them to reach their customers without touching anything or the individual. Provide instant shopping opportunities where customers also have the convenience of home delivery of groceries or furniture. Targets Chief Executive Officer Brian Cornell says that throughout this crisis, we have established deep relationships with consumers and Has also introduced millions of people to its digital services. Thanks to these facilities, large stores have been able to attract customers who in the past went to local grocery stores to buy. Targets has created ten million new digital customers in the first six months of this year. It is said that this has created a lot of opportunities and if these people are business savvy, they can grow their business by retaining their customers.
Whether or not these retailers can retain their customers depends in part on the extent to which their customers can use their income to purchase groceries. Unemployment Allowance The ڈالر 600 a week means that millions of unemployed Americans can afford to buy groceries from stores such as Wal-Mart and Targets, and some can even buy toys to entertain their children at home. That کی 600 has stopped being paid and the US Congress is still obstructing the approval of some kind of aid package, so some buyers may have to reduce their shopping.
In contrast, Americans who have managed to save their jobs and are now doing their homework are earning far more than in the past. People who used to earn their living by eating out, traveling or attending events. They used to spend only on buying tickets. Now they are spending the same amount on projects to improve their homes, such as buying hot tubs for their homes, building movie theaters inside their homes, renovating their homes or offices. Or building a guest cottage. Lowe’s chief executive

Irwin Ellison, while releasing the details of his sales, said that as the entire focus of consumer savings shifted towards home renovation and other such activities, our sales also increased accordingly. Matt Williams, a partner at Brand Federation, a consulting firm, says the increase in sales at large stores is good for the US economy because it will keep supply chains strong and provide jobs for millions of Americans working in retail. This is a good omen for the economy because people are still shopping. They may not be shopping as much as they used to in the past, but the good news is that they are still shopping. This is the most encouraging thing.
But it also has a price to pay. The survival of small businesses has long been in jeopardy, especially due to the dominance of corporate retail. During the Corona virus, where large stores such as Wal-Mart and Targets were made mandatory While small stores were barred from operating, they lost revenue as well as their customers. Many large businesses came before the corona virus. They were not doing online business. They had to work hard for e-commerce and in the meanwhile they lost their customers.
Ryan Giles, the founding partner of digital commerce agency RMG, says many people may not even be able to start their own business in such an environment because they fear losing their capital in this world of uncertainty. It is called a tragedy because it is not only a loss of life but also severely affects people’s ability to run their own business and thus fails to embarrass the American dream.

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