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By | June 20, 2021

Preparation of artificial skin: Scientists have done a lot of research on making artificial skin. This skin can also be used in robots, using which robots can feel the same pain as normal human beings. Mechanical Engineer affiliated with the University of Houston. Professor Shen Jiangyu said: “The skin is being prepared with the help of sensors. The skin will need a circuit and a battery to provide energy. Work is underway to manufacture these items with the help of 3D technology.
“App” facilitates treatment: People are using mobile apps to get information from doctors and hospitals. According to the National Health Service UK, by 2019, the number of people receiving health information on mobile phones had increased from 13% to 43%. In China, 1.6 million people were accessing information on hospitals and doctors with the help of mobile phones. The process of connecting hospitals and medical institutions with the help of artificial intelligence is also underway. These hospitals will have complete patient data. EU countries, Asia and the United States are spending 24 24 billion on developing artificial intelligence and applications to gain access to the medical market. Several large public health organizations are also involved. Has decided to invest heavily in the use of consumer technology in the sector. A major social networking provider is also planning to spend billions of dollars in this sector. This will save the patient time. Will A project called “Blockchain” will cost 5 5.5 billion by 2025. This will save up to 150 150 billion annually in supply costs by 2025.
Sugar Checking Watches: People can track blood sugar levels and heart rate with the help of clocks and devices called Health Care Wearables. Many companies are using this technology.
Reducing the effects of aging on the skin: Nobel Prize-winning researcher Elizabeth Blackburn has developed a treatment for chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomes actually contain genetic codes. Lack of telomeres in them leads to aging. These cells send signals about aging. Changes in chromosomes can be postponed for 2 to 4 years. In this way, even if a person gets old, there will be no signs of aging on the skin. Scientists have succeeded in transplanting the skin with the help of 3D technology. With the help of 3D printers manufacturing, treatment and transplantation of skin diseases. I have had a great revolution.
The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) has developed a special type of machine that could quickly produce a long sheet of material just like human skin cells, cut it and place it on the affected area to make skin. This artificial skin machine can be carried to the patient’s bed like a food trolley. The patient will place their skin under the nozzle of the printer machine, which can create artificial skin.
Scientists are using special chemicals made from the patient’s own cells in the preparation of the skin, so the body’s immune system also accepts the new skin. Prior to treatment, a skin rash is obtained from a healthy part of the skin and two specific types of cells are separated from it. A type of cell called “fiber” is used to heal wounds. The second type of cell is the “Cara teno site”.
Are found on the outer part of the skin. With the help of these cells, “bioprinter ink” is made, which is used to make skin in 3D printers. This technique is closer to the natural skin cells, so the wound heals faster. This treatment is not available in Pakistan, we need to work hard on it.
Good sleep is good for health: Lauren Hibles, a mental health scientist at the University of Rochester, has linked deep sleep to a number of physical ailments. Can live “Although sleep is no less than nectar for everyone, deep sleepers are mentally healthier than those who sleep soundly. During sleep, the brain releases harmful proteins,” he said. In the case of many diseases, including Alzheimer’s, the process is not complete, as a result of the day’s work, the brain continues to break down and grow. During sleep, waste products (especially proteins that cause dementia and Alzheimer’s) are released. ”He says that the brain is cleansed during sleep.

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