How to stop worrying immediately:

By | September 6, 2021

Although it is normal to worry about a major event or life change. There are approximately 40 million Americans. who accept a mental disorder. which is sometimes anxiety or fear.

Here are some ways to stop worrying:

Stay in some time zone:

Anxiety can be a future-oriented state of mind.  So instead of worrying about. what’s going on, “get back to it,” says Tamar Chunky, a psychologist and self-relieving author.  Ask yourself: What is happening now?  Am I safe? Is there anything I want to try right now?  If not, make an “appointment” to meet with you during the day to look at your concerns. so that distant scenes don’t mislead you.

Relax about what is happening:

Panic attacks can often cause you to wish you were dying or attack.  Remind yourself: “I’m scared, but it’s harmless, it’s temporary, and nothing I want to try,” says Chansky.  Also, limit the mind to the fact that. it is the opposite of the sign of impending death your body is activating. its fight or flight response, the system that keeps you alive.

Check the truth of your thoughts:

Chansky says people with anxiety often overcome the worst situations.  To deal with these worries, make sure they are realistic.  Say you’re scared of some big presentation at work.  Instead of thinking, “I’m bombing,” say………… “I’m nervous, but I’m ready. Some things will work out, and some may not,” she suggests.  Taking steps to reconsider your fears trains your brain. to give rational thanks for influencing your anxious thoughts.

Inhale and exhale:

Deep breathing gives you peace of mind.  Although you may have heard of specific breathing exercises. you don’t have to worry about counting a certain number of breaths.  Instead, master the same breathing and exhaling.  She says it can distract and decentralize your mind.

Follow the 3-3-3 principle:

Look around you and name the three items you are looking at.  Then, name the three sounds you hear.  Finally, move three parts of your body – your ankles, fingers, or arms.  “Whenever you’re feeling your brain at 100 miles per hour. this mental trick can help you focus your mind, which brings you back to that moment,” says Chansky.

do something:

Chances, get up, take a walk, throw some rubbish off your desk. any action that interrupts your train of thought helps you regain control.

“When we are anxious, we protect our upper body – where our heart and lungs are located,” says Chansky.  For an immediate physical antidote to the current natural reaction. stretch your shoulders, stand or sit next to your legs, and open your chest.  She says it helps your body understand that it’s on top of things.

Stand back from the sugar:

Succeeding at something sweet when you’re stressed can be tempting. but this chocolate candy can do more harm than good, as research shows. that eating too much sugar can worsen feelings of anxiety.  can.  Instead of reaching for a candy bowl, drink a glass of water or eat protein. which can provide slow energy that your body can use to heal.

Invite a second opinion:

Chansky says to call or text a boyfriend or girlfriend and get rid of your worries.  “Telling them louder than anyone else. It can also be helpful to write down your fears.

Watch a funny video:

This ultimate tactic can be the easiest way ever:

clip your favorite comedian or funny television show.  Laughter can be a good recipe for a troubled mind, says Chansky.  Research shows that laughter has many benefits for our mental state and well-being.  Research has shown that laughter can help reduce humor, as an exercise (or even more).

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