How to Find Happiness in Your Life?

By | August 1, 2021
How to Find Happiness in Your Life?

Are you on a quest to find happiness? While happiness might feel elusive or out of your reach at times. that doesn’t make it an impossible journey or goal to achieve. But, happiness could be waiting for you around the next corner if you hang on.

Always Be Improving:

What is it that makes us happy: getting what we want or having what we want? It seems that it’s not the state of “being married” that makes us the happiest. but rather dynamic events such as “starting a new relationship.”

In the same way, “getting a new job” had a greater effect on happiness than employment status. “Becoming pregnant” had a greater effect on happiness than “being a parent.” events such as “starting a new course,” “passing an exam,” or “buying a new house” were all also high on the happiness scale.

In contrast, events with a low relation to happiness included. the end of a relationship, losing a job and losing a parent. What does all this mean, and what is making people in Britain happy? Let’s take a moment to figure this out.

Positive dynamic events seem to be key rather than static situations. While this may all sound a little superficial. it makes sense to some degree if you consider happiness to be a “momentary” state.

Surround Yourself With Happy People:

A 2008 study reported on data from the Framingham Heart Study conducted. Framingham, Massachusetts followed 4,739 people from 1983 to 2003. to answer one interesting question. Does our happiness depend on the happiness levels of the people around us?

The results of the study showed that to be the case:

According to this study, if you have a friend who lives within a mile of you and that friend becomes happy. the odds of you also becoming happy increase by about 25%. The same was true for spouses (up to 16% improvement). siblings living within a mile (up to 28%), and next-door neighbors (up to 70%). The happiness of coworkers shows to have no effect on the happiness of those around them.

What does all this mean? Surround yourself with happy people as much as possible. because their happiness will likely spread to you.

Recall Positive Memories:

In an Australian study of over 300 young adults. It shows those who recalled memories about problem-solving. or about identity (something that shaped you to become the person you are today). showed decreased negative emotions and increased positive emotions not affect.

Collective Goals or Self-Transcendence:

A 2019 study out of South Korea using data from the Korean General Social Survey (KGSS) showed. that respondents prioritizing spirituality were the most likely to be happy. followed by those who valued social relationships (friends, family, neighbors).

These findings suggest the path to happiness in South Korea. it is not about all that glitters with gold—rather. going after goals related to collectivism or self-transcendence. most important to boosting and preserving happiness. These results are consistent with those found in the field of positive psychology.

A Word From Verywell:

What makes you happy may depend on where you live in the world. (although this limits studies that look at different concepts). The British valued positive change, Americans grew happy. when those around them were happy Australians became happy. when remembering positive memories. South Koreans were happiest when engaged in collectivistic and spiritual pursuits.

The common thread, but, is that happiness is ever-changing. and your happiness meter can always boost. If you want to pursue happiness, surround yourself with positivity. and see beyond your present circumstances to the bigger picture. both people and your place in the greater universe.

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