Contraceptive saliva experience for men

By | June 20, 2021

A couple in Edinburgh, Scotland, are one of the first people in the world to start using contraceptives that affect male hormones.
Nineteen-year-old James Ors and 27-year-old Dina Bardsley, from the University of Edinburgh, were involved in the study, which found that 450 couples would use only “hormone gels” to experimentally prevent pregnancy for the next 12 months.

This is a special type of ‘gel’ or saliva made by combining progesterone and testosterone.
‘Women’s burden will be less’

In an interview with BBC Radio Five Live, James explained that he took a gel equal to a 50p coin out of a gel toothpaste-like tube and applied it to his shoulder and shoulder bone and allowed it to dry. It only took three to four seconds.

“I did the same thing on the other shoulder and then put on my shirt and went about my daily routine,” he says.

James has been using the saliva since February this year, but a week ago he started using it as the only method of contraception. He said that “there has been an additional effect in the form of more lust than usual” but no negative effects have been reported.

He said he did not notice any change in his mood, there were some scars on his back which are now clearing up. He said he had gained some weight, “but if you ask the truth, it may be because he drank too much beer.”

He said the reasons for participating in the experiment were more than just medical benefits. The positive side of it, she said, is that it has become part of changing the whole contraceptive debate.
“Now my co-workers come to me and ask me all sorts of questions about this saliva.”

Diana says this will give men the freedom to use their own methods of contraception and reduce the burden on women.
“I am convinced that this male contraceptive or anything else for men will be available soon,”

she said.
Dr Sheryl Fitzgerald, a reproductive medicine consultant at the NHS Trust in the UK, says it will take a few years for that to happen.
He said that in this experiment, hundreds of men using this gel or saliva are being carefully examined to see if it is medically safe, effective and tolerable.

He added that it would then be tested on a larger scale, which could take at least another ten years.
This experience has also been beneficial for James’ partner Diana. Diana says that she started using hormonal contraceptives at the age of 16 and because of this prison she will be younger for a year now.

“By giving men this opportunity, we are reducing the burden on women and giving men a chance to use their own methods of contraception,” she said. Why is it so difficult for men to make birth control pills?

Experts at a leading medical conference have said that the new contraceptive pill for men has successfully completed the initial safety test.

This pill taken once a day will control sperm-producing hormones.
However, doctors say it could take up to a decade for it to hit the market.

The contraceptive pill for women was made in the UK fifty years ago, so why is it so difficult for men to make such a pill?
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Only six countries that give equal rights to women
Some say there was not much social and business interest in making contraceptive pills for men. But opinion polls suggest that if the pills hit the market, many men will use them.
Another problem is that women are worried about whether men will take these pills regularly or not.
A 2011 survey by Anglia Ruskin University in the UK found that 70 out of 134 women feared that their husbands or partners would not remember to take the drug every day.
The biggest challenge in developing this hormone-controlling drug was that it did not cause a decrease in sexual desire or impotence in men.

In a healthy man, new sperm cells are constantly formed due to hormones.
There were fears of temporary side effects or side effects from temporarily stopping sperm production without lowering hormone levels.

However, experts say that this latest drug for men developed by the University of Washington and Biomed will succeed in its goal.
The conference in New Orleans said that the initial safety test on 40 men was very promising and after the trial, their hormone levels returned to their normal levels.

The side effects were minimal.
Weakness of the penis
Five men who took the new pill on an experimental basis reported a slight decrease in their sexual orientation, while two reported a slight weakness in the penis, but no one reported a decrease in their normal sex life. Has come and no one has stopped taking the bullet.
Professor Christina Wang, head of the new study, and her team are delighted with their discovery, but they are still undecided.

Are hot
Professor Christina Wang says: ‘The results show that our new pill, which actually affects male hormones in two ways, will reduce sperm production but keep men’s sex life in place. Will remain
However, to see if this pill will also help in birth control, it will have to be tested on a large scale for a long time.
“Body gel or jelly”

Professor Wang’s research on contraceptives for men includes not only this pill but also other hormonal substances.
Professor Wang and his team have also built a prison that will now be tested internationally. It is a cream or gel that is applied to the back and shoulders from where it enters your skin.

The progestin hormones in this gel interfere with the production of sperm in the body, which may or may not reduce the rate of sperm, but the testosterone in this gel keeps your sexual desire intact. ۔
In addition, Professor Wang and Dr. Stephanie Page of the University of Washington and their colleagues are working on another compound, the DMAU, which they believe men use as a contraceptive pill.

Will be able to take daily like capsules.
The pill was initially tested on 100 men and the test results show that there is no risk in testing it on more people now.

Bad effects on mood Some other scientists are also working on a contraceptive injection for men that can be given every month to achieve a break or birth control target in children.

But after some men who took part in the experiment complained that the injection was in a bad mood and had some other side effects, experts stopped enrolling more men for the next experiment.
For men who do not want to eat hormones, scientists are also researching ways to stop the release of sperm from the body without harmful effects, a kind of sterilization.

In this regard, scientists are also working on a polymer injection called ‘Vesa Gel’ which can join the sperm from the testicles to the penis and act as a contraceptive pill. The advantage of such a contraceptive vaccine is that it can be stopped if needed.
The vaccine has so far been tested on animals, but experts have recently been given more money for research, after which it can be safely tested on humans.

Potentially lucrative business
Professor Richard Anderson, of the University of Edinburgh, is one of the UK’s leading experts on testing a contraceptive gel or cream for men.

He said that despite good preliminary results, pharmaceutical companies have been slow to market new contraceptives for men, although many men and their female partners would gladly accept such a thing.

“I don’t think the pharmaceutical industry is convinced yet. This is a long story and it also includes the fact that not much has been invested in this field Mixed history Professor Richard Anderson added that due to the small role of the pharmaceutical industry in this field, experts had to rely on financial support from charities and educational institutions, which led to delays in contraceptives for men. ۔

Alan Pace, a professor at the University of Sheffield, says: ۔
But the most important thing in this regard will be how many pharmaceutical companies are ready to bring such a thing to the market after successful experiments. So far there have been very few companies that want to do this. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because of business preferences, not science. “

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