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How To Study Abroad With Scholarships? [update Of 2021]

Scholarships are available to help you study abroad: How To Study Abroad With Scholarships? We always put off our desire to study abroad because of the large sums of money. required to study a preferred subject at a reputable university of one’s choosing. But, we do not conduct enough research to determine the number of… Read More »

Make-up tips that clarify your appearance:

Summer is full of wonderful things yet liquid establishments. stretch eyeliner and sticky lipstick are not included. Here are some simple tips for summer make-up to make your face look. normal, new, and beautiful, in any case, when you are sweating on peeling days. Start a non-existent skincare schedule: Climate As it is this season,… Read More »

If a person is in depression, how can we get him out of it?

It is not difficult to understand what to say to a discouraged person.  Even though you may feel unusual and objectionable from the beginning. understand that everything you say does not need to be deep or honorable.  It must be something that comes from the realm of empathy and confession. Try not to humiliate something… Read More »

Cricketers cannot be ignored on the basis of age alone

Misbah-ul-Haq, the head coach and chief selector of the Pakistani cricket team, says that he is very sorry that he did not win the Test series and T20 series in England.Pakistan lost the three-Test series against England by one wicket while the three-match T20 International series ended in a draw.But Misbah believes the Pakistani team… Read More »

Rains and floods in Sindh: Profitable crops destroyed in southern districts, victims deprived of drinking water and shelter

“I have no support, except for an eight-year-old son. No one is helping us, there is no hope for wages.Ms. Asi is one of more than 150 farming families in temporary roadside shelters in Liaquat Road, Samaru Tehsil, Umerkot District, Sindh Province.Twenty districts of Sindh, including Umerkot, have been severely affected by the recent rains… Read More »

New life-changing inventions

Preparation of artificial skin: Scientists have done a lot of research on making artificial skin. This skin can also be used in robots, using which robots can feel the same pain as normal human beings. Mechanical Engineer affiliated with the University of Houston. Professor Shen Jiangyu said: “The skin is being prepared with the help… Read More »