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Learn something from ants!


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A study of history reveals that the infidels asked questions according to their limited and flawed intellect. Alhamdulillah, the scholars had given them satisfactory answers and closed their mouths. Now, scientific progress has also realized these things. I am repeating some of his words in the service of friends.
The Qur’an also mentions ants. Almighty Allah says:
Translation: And for Sulaiman (Solomon) his armies were gathered from among the jinn and humans and birds (of all kinds), so they were restrained (in his service) for the purpose of discipline and training. Until when he (the army) reached the field of ants, an ant said: O ants! Enter your dwellings lest Sulaiman (Solomon) and his hosts should crush you without their knowledge. So he (ie Solomon) smiled at his (ant’s) words with laughter and said: O Lord! Help me to be thankful for the blessings you have bestowed on me and my parents, and to do good deeds that please you, and grant me your mercy. Let him enter among the virtuous servants who are close to him. ”(Surah An-Naml, verses 17 to 19)
If they were alive in modern times, they would surely be ashamed, because modern scientific research on ants has revealed many facts that were not known to man in ancient times. Research has shown that some of the animals and insects of the earth Lifestyle is similar to human lifestyle including ants. The following facts about ants can be substantiated in the light of modern science.

  1. Ants bury dead ants in the same way that humans do.
  2. They have distributed their work and they have a very good system of distributors. They have managers, supervisors, foremen and workers.
  3. They occasionally meet and gossip.
  4. They also have a very advanced way of communicating and communicating.
  5. They have regular markets where they exchange goods.
  6. Ants store grain for a long time in winter.
  7. If sprouts start sprouting from the grain, they cut off its roots, as if they are aware that if they let it grow, the grain will be lost.
  8. If their stored grain gets wet due to rains, they put it in the sun to dry. When it dries, the ants take it inside, as if they know that if the grain gets wet, its roots will come out and it will flower.
    In any case, it is the power of Allah to give as much common sense as He wants. And this research also clarifies the truthfulness of the Qur’an, the knowledge of which was given to man by God Almighty more or less fourteen hundred years ago. Praise be to Allaah

The Tragic Death of Roman Rulers

In ancient times, some tyrant rulers never thought of developing their subjects and providing them with facilities. Whether the empires were of Rome or China, or the rulers of Babylon, the kings themselves suffered to establish the empire and put their opponents in trouble. The Greeks resorted to indiscriminate methods of torturing the conquered nations in their conquered territories. He was killed. His murder was very cruel.
For the sake of the throne, it was necessary for these kings to kill every great man who raised his head. In order to save the kingdom, he made agreements with his enemies and also fought with his own blood, long, bloody wars to save the throne. Were part Today we are going to tell you something about the three Roman kings who died a tragic death.
Caracalla and her brother Geta are among those who have suffered horrific deaths. Caracalla dates back to the period (198 to 217 BC). Unlike others, these two brothers were given many shocks by life. There was no opportunity to govern. The two brothers first enjoyed rule under their father, Septimius Severus, but later faced conspiracies.
The love between the two brothers ended in a few months. With the death of his father, a fire of hatred flared up in the hearts of the two brothers. The shock of his father’s death had not yet subsided when on December 26, 211 BC, Karakala attacked him at the festival of Saturnalia to paint his hands with his brother’s blood. Was celebrated in the “glory” of
Karakala and Gita’s mother was Hayat, she wanted to awaken love between the two brothers. To end the animosity between the two brothers, she called a peace meeting. Come in handy Bodyguards and weapons should not be with you. In his mother’s love, Gita agreed. What did he know that the savage brother was not in the mood to keep his mother’s lodge. Peace talks were going on when Karakala’s supporters attacked the unarmed Geta while he was sitting near his mother, Mamata Pyaar will cost dearly.

A. Mother’s clothes turned red with Geta’s blood.
Those who sow the seeds of hatred get nothing but hatred. So Karakala went through the same fate. After getting Gita out of the way, he started killing his comrades and his opponents one by one. Karakala was put to death on April 8, 217 BC to take it. His death is also shocking. He traveled with his royal caravan from Edessa to a place of worship in the town of Harran. The town is now part of Turkey in the form of a large city. On the way, he stopped for a while to urinate. He had not even finished when a bodyguard, Justin Martialis, drew his sword. With a single blow, he fell asleep in the same condition. The next moment, the arrow coming out of the bow of the royal guard killed Justin, the assassin of the king, on the spot.
Commandos, the son of Marcus Aurelius, ruled from 177 to 192. His father and grandfather were also kings of Rome, which is why he is called the “ancestral ruler”. For some time he formed a government with his father and later became the sole king in 180. Commandos was keen to kill animals, which led to his assassination.
The Plebeian Games were held in November each year on the orders of the Commandos. In this multi-day game, the Commandos set a record of killing hundreds of animals daily with arrows. کرتا۔ In December, he announced that new games would begin on January 1, 193 next year. But he didn’t get to see it this morning. On December 31, 1922, Komarsia poisoned his food. The hunters also set a number of traps. After one failed battle, they sent their fellow wrestler Narcissus. The goal was not to wrestle, but to strangle and kill.
Commandos’ death is also shocking, he was in the bathroom when Narcissus swallowed him and strangled him. The commandos tried hard to escape, but the wrestler’s grip was strong. After the death, there was a celebration in Rome, a national holiday on his death, and he was buried in Hadrian Cemetery.


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