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“3D Digital Heart”, a successful experiment


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A great revolution is about to take place in the world of medicine, it will also be great news for heart patients. Because after many successful experiments, the 3D Digital Heart experiment has been successful. In the future, “3D digital heart” can help save patients.
The year 2018 is significant in terms of this important change in the health sector. This year, “3D-Printed Heart” solved the problem of 17-month-old Arun Staki. This baby was actually born with an incurable disease called “hypoplastic left heart syndrome”. This meant that the cavity in the left side of his heart was missing. Doctors knew before birth that only one ventricle of blood was working in the baby’s heart. Therefore, the right cavity had to do the work of the missing cavity, the same cavity was providing blood to both parts of the lungs and the body. In case of this disease, the child’s body was having great difficulty in supplying blood. It was a difficult stage for the child, living with this physical illness for the rest of his life was a difficult task. There is a cure for this disease. Such children may have to undergo three operations. Then the blood system can start working properly. The first surgery is possible when the baby is 10 days old. The third and more difficult surgery is performed on the child’s 5th birthday.
Doctors suggested a “3D digital heart” was the only and best solution to the disease. The entire team at the Seattle Children’s Heart Center was there to help. The baby’s mother was preparing a 3D digital heart and cavity. Ready. Lady Dr. Sujatha Buddhe showed him many “models” of hearts. The Seattle Children’s Pediatric Pilot Fund has been instrumental in preparing 3D hearts as needed. Later more research began. Dr. Sajjhata’s first expertise in this field is recognized. She was leading the team. She was aware of the intricacies of 3D digital heart and cavity. “We are trying to make a heart with the help of paper and drawings. We are not aware of the whole state of the heart in a child’s body,” he said. Where he was optimistic, there were some concerns, but with his mother’s support, his spirits were rising. Radiologists Seth Friedman and Chris Howard also enlisted the help of 3D technology to create a 3D heart closer to the real heart. He was trying to create a new cavity with the help of heart tissue so that it could also supply blood to the left side. He succeeded in this. The 3D digital heart is three times larger than the real one. During the research, many models were made, 20 of which are still deposited in the “3D Heart Bank”. According to cardiologist Dr. Titus Chan, “With the help of this case, we have made significant progress in the development of the 3D digital heart. Models and real hearts are very helpful in understanding “heart issues”.

Who is the first king of the world?

Today, every fifth country in the world is enjoying the monarchy, this seems to be the most popular system in the world. Monarchy is dominant in dictatorial regimes as well as in democracies. While Islamic countries like it, monarchy is also prevalent in European countries. True to form, but even great democracies like Britain and Australia would not be complete without a queen and a king. Of the 44 “imperial countries”, 13 are located in Asia, 12 in Europe, 10 in North America, 6 in Oceania and 3 in Africa.
Monarchies are equally popular in Europe and Asia. However, Africans do not like it at all, the least kingdoms are established in Africa. It is said that if the kingdom was established in only two “places”, one of them would be the cards and the other would be the United Kingdom. The popularity of the emperor in Britain is not diminishing. The king is the king, there Former Prince Harry is no less popular.
It is not correct to say that the kings destroyed the empires as it is alleged that they created backwardness and lawlessness, deprived their subjects of privileges and rights. This may be true of many kings, but Not all kings of old were like that. Wherever they found developed countries, every region was mired in backwardness, food was clean and good, and there was no communication system. There was no educational structure, no health system. In this backward world, they organized empires. During the reign of many kings, great cultural evolution and social progress took place. It is difficult to ignore kings like William the Conqueror, Genghis Khan and Totan Khan in development. Whether it is war or tax system, religious issue or establishment of social structure, their role is unforgettable. Every important matter needed a single movement of his finger. He has a separate role to play in laying the foundation of a complete “urban structure”. It is an inescapable fact that kings organized their subjects and started building government structures from scratch. Of
Whose mind is the invention of the monarchy? Who was crowned first, who ruled over which country? Did he pacify his subjects or did he rule his kingdom? This is our topic today.
Remains of the Nimrod era have been examined to reach the first empire. Nimrod and the queen are also depicted in the stones of the ancient Assyrian period. But Nimrod is not the first king.
The royal inscription on a stone preserved in a British museum resembles the court of King Ashurnasirpal.

If he has taken the responsibility of protection from the devils, then he is seen hunting on a rock. In many scenes, he is seen leading the army. Maybe there will be a general of his time, even if he is considered a king, he will not be the founder of the kingdom.
According to Mark Munn, a history professor at Penn State University, “the answer seems to be lost somewhere in the pages of history.” But we can get to the dust. “The biggest challenge is that the kings ruled 5,000 years ago, nothing is available in documentary form,” he says. With the help of ruins, antiquities, coins, discoveries, paintings, art and other artifacts, we are trying to know their system. “The important thing for us is who first used the word ‘king’ for himself. The word “king” was not used in the ancient Egyptian empires. The word “Pharaoh” was first used in 1570 BC, before which no trace of its use has been found. The word “king” is said to have been invented by the Sumerian king. Some historians associate it with the ancient Egyptian ruler Iry-Hor or Narmer and introduced him to the world. They are ready to accept the founder of the kingdom. ”
If you look at the list of Assyrian kings, the city can be called the first Assyrian king of Eridu, Alulim. According to Professor Eckart Frahm of Yale University, the mythological period time) ends before the Assyrian epoch, about 28,000 years ago. Some historians also consider Gushur, the ruler of the city of Kish, to be the founder of the kingdom 12,000 years ago. The city of Kish was located north of Babylon. There is nothing wrong with Me-baragesi being the first king of Mesopotamia. His period dates back to 2700 BC. It is believed that the ruler of “Kush” ruled over Elam. After the defeat, it established its supremacy there. This civilization was established in the areas that are part of Iran. This family ruled for 900 years. According to some historians, it did not use the word king.
Yale University professor John Darnell also considered a ruler buried in Tomb U-j as the first king. The tomb dates to about 3320 BC. Historians refer to this period as the “Empire Zero”. Narmer was the last ruler of this dynasty. This dynasty, which ruled in Upper Egypt, founded the first empire. Historians also researched King Scorpion. Remains of this empire (Gebel Tjauti), known as the “Scorpion Civilization”, have been discovered. In Egypt, it was called “King” or “God”. It is possible that the ruler of the “Scorpion” civilization was buried in “Tomb U-j”.
Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. The real king was “Sargon of Akkad” because these words are synonymous with king. This family ruled in 2279 BC, the first member of this family is believed to have ruled Mesopotamia in 2330 BC. This fertile land of great rivers like Euphrates and Tigris was part of his kingdom. He was the first ruler to use the word king.


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