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Relations with Israel cannot be established until an independent Palestinian state is established.


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Following the UAE’s peace deal with Israel, King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and US President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation in which they discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
According to BBC Persian, Salman bin Abdulaziz has made it clear to President Trump that Saudi Arabia’s relations with Israel will not return to normal until an independent Palestinian state is established.
According to Saudi Arabia’s state news agency, the Saudi king spoke to the US president on the phone on Sunday and said that Saudi Arabia wants a just and permanent solution to the Palestinian problem.
According to Reuters, the Saudi firm said on the occasion that this condition of resolving the conflict would be the starting point of the Arab peace plan proposed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The phone call between Saudi Arabia and the United States comes at a time when the UAE last month became the third Arab country to recognize Israel and establish diplomatic relations with it. Egypt and Jordan have previously established state relations with Israel.
On the other hand, President Trump has welcomed Saudi Arabia’s decision to allow the use of Saudi airspace for flights between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, calling it an attempt to find a solution to the Palestinian problem and peace in the region. The Arabs proposed an Arab peace plan in 2002.
Under the terms of the plan, relations between the Arab states and Israel could return to normal if Israel grants Palestinian statehood and withdraws from the territory occupied in the 1967 Middle East war. ۔
Saudi Arabia has not yet recognized Israel as a state. However, this month it announced that it would allow flights between the United Arab Emirates and Israel to use its airspace, even if the flights were operated by Israeli airlines.
Jared Kishner, a White House adviser and son-in-law to President Trump, hopes another Arab country will establish ties with Israel in the next few months. No country since the United Arab Emirates has done so.
Jared Kishner was on a visit to the UAE last month. He then discussed with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman the need for continued dialogue between Palestine and Israel and for lasting peace in the region.
The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates provoked a backlash in Palestine, while many Muslim-majority countries around the world expressed concern over the decision.
The United Arab Emirates has said the deal with Israel is not intended to respond to Iran. The UAE also rejected criticism from Turkey over the deal.
Under the agreement, Israeli and UAE delegations will meet to discuss investment, tourism, direct flights, security, communications, technology, energy, health, culture, environment, embassy establishments, and other issues of mutual interest. Bilateral agreements will be signed.
The joint statement said: “Establishing direct links between the two most dynamic societies and modern economies in the Middle East will lead to economic growth, innovation in technology and better people-to-people contacts.” Will change the region.
In addition, Israel will stop claiming its sovereignty over the territories set out in President Trump’s proposed peace plan between Israel and Palestine, Vision for Peace.
UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargish told Bloomberg News that the agreement was not about Iran. It’s about the United Arab Emirates, Israel and the United States. Its purpose is not to form a group against Iran in any way.
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan had said that Turkey could recall its ambassador from the United Arab Emirates. He said the agreement with Israel violated the rights of the Palestinian people.
Anwar Gergish also questioned Turkey’s attitude, saying that Turkey has trade relations with Israel.
The joint agreement states that Israel “will now consider expanding its relations with other Arab and Muslim countries” and that the United Arab Emirates and the United States will work to that end.
The UAE and Israel will also work with the United States to launch a “strategic agenda for the Middle East.” The three leaders say they “share a common vision of the risks and opportunities in the region, and are also committed to promoting stability through diplomatic relations, greater economic cooperation and closer defense ties.”
A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the deal a “betrayal” and said the United Arab Emirates was recalling its ambassador to Palestine.
Israeli airstrikes on Gaza a few days after the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

The Israeli military has confirmed that it carried out air strikes on Gaza on Wednesday.
According to Jerusalem-based journalist Harinder Mishra, the Israeli military claims that the attacks were carried out by Palestinians in response to rocket and gas balloon attacks on Israeli territory.
The Israeli military claims that the airstrikes were carried out on the hideouts of the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Details of Palestinian casualties and other damage as a result of the attacks have not been released.
Harinder Mishra said that the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was signed a few days ago

Tensions have been high in Gaza and the occupied West Bank since then, with some rockets fired from Gaza into Israeli territory. In addition, flammable gas balloons were released, which destroyed many crops in Israeli territory.
Harinder Mishra said that no attack was carried out by both sides today, Thursday, but tensions remained in the Palestinian territories and there were demonstrations.
Harinder Mishra said that usually there is a lot of talk about such attacks in Israel but this time there has been almost silence.
Last year, the office of Hamas’s political leader and his military intelligence headquarters were targeted (file photo).
Observers say Israel does not want to publicize its air strikes at this time because its representatives are currently in the UAE finalizing the agreement. In addition, Israel hopes to improve relations with other Arab states.
Therefore, increasing tensions with the Palestinians on this occasion is not in Israel’s favor.
According to Harinder Mishra, Israel considers the recent agreement with the United Arab Emirates as its greatest achievement and does not want to get involved in any major conflict with the Palestinians and obstruct the agreement.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has recently said that Israel is also working to launch direct flights between the UAE and Tel Aviv that will pass through Saudi airspace, meaning that it now also needs Saudi cooperation.
Harinder Mishra says that the Palestinians will not get anything from this agreement. They are being paid only on oral deposit.
Commenting on the situation in Gaza and West Bank, journalist Harinder Mishra said that the Palestinians were “deeply disappointed and angry” at Israel’s rapidly improving relations with Arab countries. He says the offer not to annex any more occupied West Bank to Israel under the agreement is “a joke because these areas are already completely under Israeli control.”
Harinder Mishra says that Prime Minister Netanyahu never wanted to annex the occupied West Bank to Israel because these areas are already under Israeli control and he does not want to get involved in any conflict by annexing them regularly. Were
Some Israeli analysts say the justification for not annexing the occupied West Bank is a major political gift to Prime Minister Netanyahu because of pressure from within Israel to give it a share of Israel. Be made
The occupied territories of West Jordan are already completely under Israeli control
President Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said in a joint statement last Thursday that the peace deal would result in Israel suspending plans to integrate more of the occupied West Bank into Israel.
The Palestinians have called the agreement a stab in the back because they do not see a separate state. The “indiscriminate rocket and gas balloon attacks” on Israel by the Palestinians are an expression of this anger and frustration.
Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979, followed by Jordan in 1994.
The UAE is now the third Arab and the first Gulf country to formally establish diplomatic relations with Israel.


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