Polio Awarness in Sialkot

Like 124 districts across the country, Sialkot is also undergoing a campaign to vaccinate children under the age of five against the target of 505,255 children under the age of five by June 11. We know more about this report of Hamid Raza Kahlon from Sialkot.
Polio is a contagious disease that makes a person with a lifelong disability a destiny. Efforts to create a polio-free Pakistan have seen a marked decline in the current government, with several polio campaigns so far. Awareness campaign is also underway. As in 124 districts across the country, a target has been set to immunize 555,275 children under the age of five in four tehsils of Sialkot on an average daily basis. Children under the age of 1.5-250 are being vaccinated against polio.
In order to make Sialkot district polio free, 1213 mobile teams are going door to door to vaccinate children against polio. 69 transit teams are on duty at various public places, lorry depots and other points while 133 fixed teams. They are performing their duties in various hospitals and primary health centers. These teams include Rescue 1122 personnel and volunteers, paramedical staff and lady health workers.
Parents and citizens say that the ongoing campaign against polio is very welcome and in this campaign all citizens, considering it their national duty, must vaccinate children under the age of five to protect them from lifelong disability so that The land of Pakistan should be free from polio-like diseases. For the bright future of Pakistan, it is necessary to be a part of the anti-polio awareness campaign and play an important role in making Pakistan polio-free.

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