Uncategorized Drugs and Mafia In Pakpatan

Drugs and Mafia In Pakpatan


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Young people in Pakpatan city and suburbs are increasingly falling prey to social evils like drugs. The abominable drug dealer is destroying the homes of families. Every other day, the body of a young man who died due to drug abuse is found in a street or crop. Fake operations by law enforcement agencies and drug-dealing agencies open the floodgates. Young people are not only a threat to a peaceful society, but also endanger the lives of their families. There are hundreds of young people in Pakpattan who They want to get rid of this social evil, but due to the lack of medical facilities at the government level, the drug menace has wreaked havoc on their lives and the lives of their families. Young people are ruining their lives with their own hands. The crime rate has also risen alarmingly

CO Health Dr. Ahmed Shehzad says that no facility is available from the government for drug addicts at the district level. He wrote a letter to the government to build a hospital at the district level where drug addicts can be treated.

Hakeem Lutfullah, secretary general of the Pakistan Social Association, says smoking and drugs have also plagued our educational institutions. The government should set up drug treatment centers in every district.

Drug-addicted youth say they also want to get rid of the drug menace and lead a normal life, but they do not have money for treatment. The government should set up a treatment center in Pakpattan district to help them as they seek treatment in private clinics. Millions of rupees are needed


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